In 2011, Thailand paper industry expanded vigorously

Date:2017-05-18 13:50

In 2011, Thailand's paper industry tended to increase continuously. Thai Farmers Research Center is expected in 2011 the domestic paper demand will reach about 3 million 650 thousand tons -375 tons, year-on-year growth of 5%-7%. The main paper products that drive the growth of the domestic market are kraft paper and printed writing paper, which is supported by the recovery of the economy and the industry in which paper is used as raw material, especially in packaging and printing. Other factors to stimulate the domestic paper demand include environmental protection, boom of the paper packaging welcomed, will be held in 2011 in the house of Commons election, the government encourages the Thai people, reading books and tax development of Thailand as Asia printing center and other measures. Products of concern are sanitary paper with market opportunities, as a daily necessity for families and various services such as restaurants, hotels and hospitals.
However, the paper industry is still facing the risk of rising production costs and the increasing popularity of electronic documents / books and other risk factors, which may affect domestic paper consumption, especially printed paper. In order to reduce production costs, manufacturers should take the adjustment measures to improve production efficiency in order to save energy costs and reduce pollution, which will help to reduce pollution treatment costs.
As for foreign markets, import and export are expected to expand substantially. The export side, Thailand will expand printing and writing paper, kraft paper and sanitary paper export business; imports, Thailand will be able to use the free trade zone preferential tariff imports from Chinese and Indonesia special paper and cheap paper. In addition, the expected 2011 sanitary paper and cardboard imports will tend to expand. 

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