Capacity elimination, the key lies in the implementation

Date:2017-05-18 13:51

The Ministry of Industry issued a decomposition of the elimination of backward production capacity target task in 2011, the paper industry and eliminate backward production capacity target task is 7 million 445 thousand tons, including Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Shanxi and other provinces in iron, steel, coke, flat glass, paper and other industries and eliminate backward production capacity of heavy task.
The number of eliminated significantly exceeded expectations, the elimination of larger quantities, the elimination of 7 million 445 thousand tons of roughly 7 of the existing capacity of 8%. At the same time, we in the "investment strategy" in 2011 before the papermaking industry is expected the number of "12th Five-Year" plan of the whole industry in the elimination of backward production capacity of 800 to 10 million tons, from the current selection index issued by the Ministry, the elimination of "12th Five-Year" will be improved significantly, we predict "out of 12th Five-Year" is expected to increase to 12 million tons, accounting for the current overall capacity of about 12%.
Elimination of late implementation and elimination of capacity is more important than the elimination of quantity. History shows that the authenticity of the elimination of the implementation and the elimination capacity is greater than the number of eliminated the impact on the industry, the most obvious example is released in 2010 eliminated 4 million 650 thousand tons of production capacity in Henan Province, which had been abandoned and reporting problems, greatly affect the market to determine the post industry. Therefore, the follow-up of implementation and elimination of the authenticity of production capacity tracking will become the focus of our attention.
From this point of view, the number of out of the industry is based around the Ministry of the provincial people's government agreed to eliminate backward production capacity plan put forward in 2011, according to the requirements of industrial upgrading and the actual country that is established. The Ministry of finance, Ministry of industry and information technology, the National Energy Bureau jointly issued the "elimination of backward production capacity of the central financial incentives fund management approach", energy-saving emission reduction and the pressure, so the local government reported more positive, but in front of the reward, more prone to repeated reporting situation, but the elimination of compensation policy will help the elimination of the implementation of the smooth implementation.
The main production capacity will still be concentrated in cultural paper, low-end packaging paper and low-end living paper. The raw material for pulp of low-grade cultural paper, packaging paper (low-end small carton, corrugated paper and white paper) and low life paper is still the focus of the elimination, while the high-end paper (paper, cardboard) will not be affected, therefore, the elimination of the impact in the paper goods in the proportion will be higher than 7 to 8% of the proportion, the proportion is expected to reach about 10% of us.

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