corporate culture

Since the founding of the northern machinery,
"sincerity" and "integrity" have been the starting
point for practicing corporate responsibility...


northern papermaking machinery co.,ltd

Is a large private enterprise integrating design,
manufacturing, installation and maintenance for an
area of 96 thousand square meters......


Scientific research ability

Innovation is the sustainable development of the
north only, is the fundamental business survival,
development power, is a guarantee of success...

  • Product details: The function of the drying agent is to make the wa...
  • Product details: This product is the press part of the paper machin...
  • Product details: A relatively strong cardboard designed for making ...
  • Product details: Corrugated base paper is one of the important comp...

2016, the paper industry can get out of trouble

The production operation in 2015 paper and papermaking machinery industry is basically stable, the main industrial economic indicators in 2014 compared with the industry is getting better.



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