Company profile

North Shandong Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large-scale private enterprise integrating design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance as one of the area of 96 thousand square meters, more than 126 employees, including 6 senior technical staff, relay technical personnel 16 people, professional technical personnel in primary 116, under the Zouping northern paper machinery company, Zouping North Crane Equipment Co. Ltd., Zouping electroplating company. The company is located in the city of Qilu Fangong hometown - Zouping County town pond Industrial Park (neighbor and Zhoucun 309 National Highway Toll Station).
Shandong North papermaking machinery company mainly produces paper machine long net, round net, overlay network, corrugated paper machine, carton board machine, coated paperboard machine, cylinder 350 meters high speed paper machine, speed up transformation of special paper machine and various types of paper machine, the products are sold throughout the country.
Shandong North Crane Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly produces all kinds of specifications, single and double beam bridge, gantry crane products, insulation, explosion-proof, electromagnetic crane and other products.
Shandong electroplating company can undertake 5 meters diameter below the dryer and all kinds of roller chromium plating, copper plating and other metal surface treatment.
Northern Machinery Company since its inception, has won the "contract and trustworthy enterprise" title, was named superior "customer satisfaction", "star enterprise", "integrity of private enterprise", the financial sector has been identified as "AAA grade credit enterprise" honorary title. The general manager Liu Jinggen of Zouping county the county was named "top ten young entrepreneurs", "star of young entrepreneurs".
The company strives for the survival by the quality, strives for the development by the prestige, by the high grade product, the fine service, wins the general customer's trust. Enterprises have formed a harmonious corporate culture, and enhance the cohesion and core competitiveness of enterprises. "The power of the whole staff and the creation of the North brand" has formed a consensus within the company, and established and improved a sound management system and incentive system. Stable workforce, good corporate image and growing social influence, "North" has broad prospects for development, is full of vigor and vitality of the company.


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